One of the best ways that people find new locally sourced business is through Google Maps. For restaurants and trades for example, if you are missing an accurate listing on Google Maps, you could be missing out on many new customers.

Always add and update your Google My Business listing with your new contact info. This feeds into Google Maps instantly.

First create a Google My Business Listing.
Google allows business owners to add and update how their business information displays in local listings and Google Maps. So create a Google My Business listing

Once signed up, you can add the basic information and address of your business, but to gain full access to Google My Business, you will need to verify it’s your business, they will send you an old fashioned postcard through the post to confirm the location address for Google Maps.

If your business is already on Google Maps, it may have inaccurate information, make sure you alter this immediately as inaccurate information can have a negative effect to rankings with your competitors.

When putting your business on google maps, make sure complete all the below steps for accuracy and user experience.

  • Add enough photos
  • Review your Google Map listing
  • Correct website URL
  • Answer reviews – always comment
  • Accurate address
  • Opening hours
  • Check and test phone number
  • Questions and answers
  • About section completed
  • Products added
  • Offers included
  • Regular photo uploads