Improve Your Local SEO Ranking With Website Content

When looking to improve your overall visibility online, it’s also important to address your local SEO ranking, to ensure that you rank higher than, or at least level to, your local competitors. After all, you want customers and potential customers to have the ability to click through and find your website before you do anyone else’s. There’s lots of ways to improve your local SEO, and enlisting local SEO services and specialists can help. Before you do though, there’s lots of actions you can take right away to help boost your profile.

Feature Case Studies

There’s huge value in genuine case studies profiling your success stories. Make sure these are well featured on your website and the text can be read by Google; so don’t let it be part of an image, but rather the page’s body of text. Use local business names and locations as much as possible so that search engines are able to understand your interactions with other local people and places.

Write about Local Events

If somethings happening in your area, write about it! Aside from the good PR that giving extended profile to these events can bring, using your online presence to detail and feature such goings on is another way of telling Google where you are and where you operate. For example, if you’re in Sussex, use your local SEO Sussex-specific to your advantage. Don’t go overboard (keep it relevant!) but where you can, write again using locally appropriate words. Smaller events may only ever be covered in local press, so competition may not be too high when it comes to local SEO rankings on these topics.

Write About What’s Unique In Your Area

Writing about the area within which your business originates and operates holds local SEO value, and can be easily made relevant to your site. In the ‘About’ section of your business, consider including text on your HQ and what you love about it, why you choose to operate out of the areas you do and how far your services extend around the locality.

Write About What’s Unique About Your Niche

We know that consumers like to browse online and tend to look into more than one brand or service provider before they make a purchase decision. It’s important, therefore, for your website to make clear exactly how your company is unique. Be specific about your niche and what makes you different – and superior! – to other businesses.

Research And Use Local Keywords

Google holds millions of insights on its users and can help you identify exactly what people are searching for by geography as well as other demographics. Local dialects, slang and different language all impact on who people search, so ensure that you know what those in your area are and aren’t looking for with Google Keyword Planner. Once you know, you can start using the relevant words and phrases throughout your site to best play into local searches.