How Do I Add My Business To Google Maps?

Hey local businesses! In the first of a series, we are looking at the basics of Local SEO. And marketing your business locally, online. We can do this by adding your business to Google My Business, so how do I add my business to Google Maps we hear you shout?

We’ve all googled a brand or business and found a handy pin on a map to locate where we’re headed. There is evidence to suggest that having a map listing on the search engine can greatly increase customer engagement. And as it appears ‘above the fold’ (that is, without the user having to scroll down). It’s a fantastic way to get as much info about your business in front of a customer at once, without them having to make much effort. So, if you’re frantically searching ‘how to add my business to Google Maps’. Allow us to explain who, what, where, when and why!

What is Google Maps?

There are various mapping software systems on the internet, but Google Maps is for, most, the default. Anything ‘googled’ will show up on Google Maps if a map pin is available. As the world’s most popular search engine, it is common sense for businesses to invest efficiently in SEO services to ensure that they rank highly in search results on Google, and, if applicable, can appear on the Google Maps feature.

Why is it Important for your Business to Appear on Google Maps?

Google is the most used search engine in the world, and its index of billions of pages of content is accessed over 63,000 times a second. It is likely, therefore, that most of your customers and potential customers have access to and regularly use Google to search online. Over 90% of searches done online take place on Google!

When a business is pinned on Google Maps, location details and a small map appear alongside the first search result at the top of the page. Users can click through for more information on the business, as well as directions to the location. The more information you can give customers upfront, the better! Having a Google Maps listing increases general search ranking visibility as well as ensuring that you’re listed up there at the top alongside your local competitors.

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The Growing Element of Google My Business

A Google Maps listing is just part of ‘Google My Business’, which houses all of a business’ details for those searching. Businesses of all sizes can take full ownership of their listings, completely for free.

Taking the time to properly manage a Google Business listing gives your firm the opportunity to grow its business online and off. As the brand visibility increases, so too do the chances to manage paid advertising, brand imaging and audience intelligence. It allows businesses to expand and better meet their customers needs, as well as to move into new markets should they choose to.

How to Add Your Business to Google Maps

Google Maps is part of the Google My Business dashboard. to add your business to Google Maps, access the dashboard, and set up a new account if you don’t have one already. From here, search for your business in the list and select it if it already exists. Enter address details… and then things all get a bit manual. To really prove you are where you say you are, Google will send out a postcard with a verification code on. Use this code in the dashboard when you receive it and your business will start appearing in local SEO map listings within a day or so!

Next we will look at the growing importance of making your Google My Business listing accurate and checking against other local listings on the internet.